Have you ever watched that show about hoarders? Or have you ever helped a hoarder clean their home? If you have, you’ve probably noticed one glaring truth: it’s not about the stuff!!!

It’s never about the clothes, the animals, or the newspapers. It’s also never about you ‘just being honest’ or ‘keeping it real’.

It’s only about unresolved issues.

Yes, I mean all of us. According to Webster’s Dictionary a hoarder is a person that keeps a hoard which is “a supply or fund stored up and often hidden away”.

Now I’m certain we are not all like the people on the popular television show that helps people work through their obsessive and compulsive behavior. But I do think we are all holding lots of issues inside. Whether our issue is about an experience or someone’s opinion about us, we are just like people on the television show who are keeping too many dolls, animals, car parts, etc.

There’s no difference between the dolls and the scars caused by playground teasing. The stories, the dolls, the illogical reasons supporting our low self-esteem, the litters of kittens that aren’t being healthily cared for, the reckless substance infused behavior is all indicative of the same thing. We are holding on to crap. Emotional crap. Getting rid of this crap is the key to each one of us getting and achieving everything we desire in life. Getting rid of the emotional clutter is more important than the physical clutter.

I point this out not because I want to make people feel bad. But I do want to let them know that historically, the only people who have lived long lives in which they fulfill their purpose are those people who have dealt with their crap.

I’m not trying to proclaim myself as being a non-hoarder who can therefore point out all the hoarders. It’s quite the opposite actually. By asking myself many hard questions (and answering them honestly), I determined that my soul was filled with an immeasurable amount of emotional crap. It was stopping my progress in so many ways. Romantic relationships. Career. Friendships. Family. Everything.

But then slowly, I began to realize that something was holding me back. It wasn’t even just one thing. It was multiple issues that were trapping my mind. But since I’ve recognized them, I’m carefully looked at each thing to figure out if I need it. Just like they do on the show. Eventually I figured out what was my issue, an issue someone dumped on me because they couldn’t handle it themselves, and what was all just in my mind. That is what began to free me. My space has been far more welcoming ever since. And it gets better every day.

Your home says more about you than just your sense of interior design. It says the most about your emotions. The faster we stop pretending that it doesn’t and that we need this crap, the quicker we can get to living.