Shahidah Foster

“My career coach, Nia Jackson of Beyond Encouragement, read me like a book in the best way possible. I had realized that, while I was very good at helping and mentoring others in their careers, no one had been mentoring me. Nia was able to help me figure out that although I was ready to start working again, there was still some self doubt about whether I was good enough. After identifying the things that were holding me back, she helped me process and work through them until I started feeling like the old me again. Within 3 months, I had 3 offers to choose from. Even after securing the job, I still talk to my coach every other week because I need someone who has been in my shoes before, can see straight through my defense and coping mechanisms, and help guide me through key decisions. A life coach isn’t just a cheerleader your pay for. The right coach can be like a mentor, a big sister, a motivator, and a friend all in one.”

Alicia Davis

“Nia really helped me to work through some negative self sabotaging thoughts. After working with Nia I was able to do some reflection and replace self doubt with empowering messages and positive affirmations. Self love is so important to our success and Nia helped me make a break through at a very low point in my life.”

Amberly Carter

“Thank you for your inspiring words.”


“I had the honor of having Nia Jackson facilitate a meeting for my women’s empowerment group, WORTH. Her passion for helping other women was exemplified through her emotional connections with the members. Nia facilitated a discussion on the importance of being mindful and self aware by sharing her own experiences, which created a safe environment for the other women. She constructed thought provoking questions that resonated with the group well after the meeting was over. Nia made deep conversations feel natural and unforced. Her advice is extremely relevant, genuine, and supportive. She is a pleasure to work with and has a wonderfully refreshing energy about her. Thank you Nia!

Alissa Alvino

Founder of WORTH, Women Owning Reality, Truth, and Happiness

“Girl you are truly a blessing! Thanks for always asking me the hard questions and helping me realize I’m stronger than I thought.”

Andrea Johnson

Life Design

“When I met Nia, I didn’t know what I was missing was her help. She had such a sweet spirit and as soon as I met her we just began talking like two old friends that had not seen each other in a long time. She not only helped me with my resume and cover letter but she also gave me new found confidence in myself.”

Kathia Barnwell

“Since our first meeting, I knew that Nia was destined to be a beacon of guidance and inspiration.  As I watched her invest her time and energy into assisting myself and all those around her, I came to realize how blessed I was to have her in my corner. In the years since, Nia has encouraged me to declutter my soul with her constant affirmations and life-lessons. Nia’s encouragement has resulted in me living a more purpose filled life. I am sure that she will do the same for so many others.”

Tiffany Henry

Professional Transition

“This woman has the patience of a kindergarten teacher. Thanks for listening to my rants, and helping me gain clarity!”


“Nia is truly one of a kind. After feeling stagnant and confused about the next steps in my career and personal life, she asked the right questions that helped to me wake up and make a plan to achieve my goals.”

Michelle Cumberbatch

Professional Transition

“I just feel good when I talk to you!”


“Thanks for being a safe space to share ideas. I appreciate your willingness to be a sounding board, and provide much needed feedback.”

Casey Handy-Smith

Working with Nia was ​“…so life changing. We were peeling back the layer. She read my resume the way people read palms.”

Alicia Davis

Career Transitions & Life Coaching

“I can’t thank Nia enough for all the support she has given me as I pursue the life of my dreams. I respect and trust the guidance she has provided. She has been my constant cheerleader and has wanted nothing less than the very best for me. She has taught me so many things, but most of all to believe in the power of me.”


Life Design

“Talking to you is way better than talking to my old therapist. All she ever said was: “How does that make you feel?” But you ask questions that really make me think.”