Nia Jackson is a Career Alignment Coach and the Founder of Beyond Encouragement. She teaches experienced professionals how to continuously find unicorn jobs so they can live out their definition of success and be of service to others. She has been helping students and professionals create, organize, and execute their goals for almost two decades. Whether she was creating educational programs for college affinity groups or working with young women directly, she has helped many women navigate the journey of education, self-discovery, and major life surprises like champs. Nia is also an attorney with an International MBA.


the struggle is real

But it doesn’t have to be…

Time Cost

It took me almost 6 years to realize that I had acquired multiple unicorn jobs for myself.

Money Lost

My haphazard approach to job search and maintinance cased me to loose out on $150,000 of earnings while I figured things out.

Unwritten Rules

I wish I could get back the time I spent over the course of a decade learning all the unwritten rules to getting unicorn jobs.

Backdoor Deals

The number of jobs you’ve had is hightly connected to how well you negotiate. Don’t wait until you need a perk to learn how to ask for it.

A Leap of Faith May Not Be the Answer

I feel your pain. I was stuck in a job that bored me to tears daily for over four years.

I couldn’t find my way out of it to save my life. I knew that my talents would be better used elsewhere.

And I knew that I wanted to have a more direct impact on people.

I decided to jump ship. Cold turkey. I picked a date and quit my job on that date. Done.

But….before I did that, I did ALOT of self-evaluation. (And that continues to this day.)

I got clear on what my skills, passions, and gifts were. I got a specific understanding of the environment and people I need around me to support me as I show up as my whole self, so I can thrive.

All of this reflection highlighted the one one role that I have consistently accepted and excelled in: helping others show their true self and teaching them to amplify themselves so they can live full lives.

For now, I do that through teaching you how get your unicorn job so you can have the freedom to focus on your passions.

Let Me Show You a Better Alternative


The work that you need to do to find your unicorn job, is HARD. It’s even more difficult, if not nearly impossible, to do it alone. Here are some of the roles that Nia will play as she helps you create the life of your dreams.


It can be challenging to determine what areas of your life need to be adjusted to reach your goals. As a Coach, Nia will help you determine where you need to focus your energy to achieve your goals.


The self-help environment is full of special terms and theories. Nia will translate this information into practical terms so that you can actually use all the research in this industry.


Some of us work really hard, but don’t have a clear goal destination. Nia will help you crystallize your vision, purpose, and desired life.


Sometimes difficult conversations are part of the journey. Whether participating in person or giving you guidance in advance, Nia will facilitate the difficult conversations you need to have to improve tense relationships.


We all need encouragement. Some of us need more than others. Some of us need it more frequently than others. Nia will make sure you have it often and in various forms so that you can maintain your momentum.