Nia Jackson is a life coach and the Founder of Beyond Encouragement. She helps young women identify, repair, and guard against the issues that affect their careers, relationships, and health. She has been helping students and professionals create, organize, and execute their goals for almost two decades. Whether she was creating educational programs for college affinity groups or working with young women directly, she has helped many women navigate the journey of education, self-discovery, and major life surprises like champs. Nia is also an attorney with an International MBA.


The work that has to be done to truly know yourself, is HARD. It’s even more difficult, if not nearly impossible, to do it alone. Here are some of the roles that Nia will play as she helps you create the life of your dreams.


It can be challenging to determine what areas of your life need to be adjusted to reach your goals. As a Coach, Nia will help you determine where you need to focus your energy to achieve your goals.


The self-help environment is full of special terms and theories. Nia will translate this information into practical terms so that you can actually use all the research in this industry.


Some of us work really hard, but don’t have a clear goal destination. Nia will help you crystallize your vision, purpose, and desired life.


Sometimes difficult conversations are part of the journey. Whether participating in person or giving you guidance in advance, Nia will facilitate the difficult conversations you need to have to improve tense relationships.


We all need encouragement. Some of us need more than others. Some of us need it more frequently than others. Nia will make sure you have it often and in various forms so that you can maintain your momentum.



“Thanks for being a safe space to share ideas. I appreciate your willingness to be a sounding board, and provide much needed feedback.”

Casey Handy-Smith

“Talking to you is way better than talking to my old therapist. All she ever said was: “How does that make you feel?” But you ask questions that really make me think.”


“This woman has the patience of a kindergarten teacher. Thanks for listening to my rants, and helping me gain clarity!”


“Girl you are truly a blessing! Thanks for always asking me the hard questions and helping me realize I’m stronger than I thought.”

Andrea Johnson

Life Design


Nia K. N. Jackson, J.D., Int’l. MBA

My story is a perpetual game of tug of war. My mother and father never really raised me; my Aunt & Uncle did. Society said that was weird.  Most people automatically assumed my Aunt & Uncle were against my biological parents.
Nature vs. exposure and opportunity The first sad emotion I ever felt was abandonment. I couldn’t run back home because I lived with my Aunt & Uncle in New Orleans where they had “more resources.” To me, their best resource was food. The only rule was “Take all you want, but eat all you take.” As the feelings of abandonment increased, I wanted more. So I took more. Eventually society said I had taken too much because I was too heavy. Society didn’t say anything about the abandonment.
Fulfillment vs. being full I always loved learning and demanded that my Aunt & Uncle put me in a high school that would challenge me. Even if that meant going to boarding school. The New Orleans culture I had come to love said the academically advanced local high school I wanted to attend should be closed because it was predominantly white in a city that was predominantly black. Education vs. my race I never knew why so many people in my family took pills every morning and night but looked totally healthy. When I had a major panic attack in college, I was sent the same pills. I turned down the pills and decided to work through my feelings.

I wanted to find practical ways to prevent panic attacks before they happened. My family scoffed at the assertion that I could use logic to minimize anxiety. Trust in family vs. my mental health

*   *   *

The bad news is that these are just a few of the battles I’ve fought. The good news is that I’ve won all of these battles and many more. Since the day I felt my first sad feeling, I’ve been researching and learning how to get into a space where sad feelings didn’t have control of me. And even though every time I dealt with one feeling another sad one came along, I kept learning. I refused to let those feelings take root in my life. They weren’t there when my life began, so I wasn’t going to let them stay! It took over 20 years to get them all out, and some of them try to come back paired up with new experiences. But, because of my ever improving awareness, I’m able to spot the feelings early so I can let the door knob hit them where the good Lord split them!

Finally, I’ve created the life of my dreams; a life of peace, happiness, and balance.  A life where my experience as an attorney and an entrepreneur have nothing to do with my race. A life that is full of resources and I am fulfilled by things that can’t be bought. And a life in which my family appreciates my continuously evolving perspective on emotional health.
Now I’m here to help you create the life of your dreams.